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Imagine you have this data model:

    "product": "Product 1",
    "category": "Category A",
    "Subcategory": "Subcat A1"

And I'd like to filter all products that are both in category Category A and in Subcat A1, how can I make this query?

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Can not get why this was upvoted. This is like the most easiest thing you can ask. The person has not even looked at the documentation... –  Salvador Dali Nov 1 '13 at 18:35

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This will do it:

db.collectionName.find({ "category": "Category A", "Subcategory": "Subcat A1"})
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This will also do:

db.collectionName.find({$and :[ { "category": "Category A"} ,{ "Subcategory": "Subcat A1"}] })

And in future if you want a query that has products in either 'category' or 'subcategory', try this :

db.collectionName.find({$or :[ { "category": "Category A"} ,{ "Subcategory": "Subcat A1"}] })

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Thanks man. That's going to be useful –  WagnerMatosUK Nov 1 '13 at 21:04

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