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I am having a little bit of trouble making a weighted sum calculation for subpaths(Where subpath is the path between two cities e.g. A->B) in a travelling salesman problem.

Basically I have 3 variables 'Fitness', 'Distance'(distance of the subpath e.g. A->B) and 'OverallDistance' (distance of the complete path A->B->D->C->E). I want to find the 'OverallFitness' of the subpath using a weighted sum.

** I want to make it so that variables with higher 'OverallDistance' value have a Lower 'OverallFitness' value.



AverageFitness = 120

Distance = 600

OverallDistance = 3600

// This is what I am doing:

double citiesVisited = (citiesInTour/totalNumOfCities)*10;

double distance = (normalisedDistance/sumOfNormalisedDistances)*10;

double fitness = ((VISITED_WEIGHT * citiesVisited) + (DISTANCE_WEIGHT * distance));

Does this look right?

This fitness should be able to evaluate the quality of the solution by looking at the total number of cities visited in the tour and the total distance of the tour. But it currently does not do that. Do you have any ideas on why this is the case?

Many thanks.

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This is more suited toward the mathematics stackexchange site. –  Michael J. Gray Nov 1 '13 at 16:50
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