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What is the status of C++ TR2 Filesystem library as of last Bristol meeting? Will it be part of C++1Y (C++14?) or is it suspended or are there any known recent comments as of the last three meetings?

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According to, new major libraries will be separate documents, not part of the language standard; so it will be released separately to C++14. It certainly doesn't appear in the latest draft ( –  Mike Seymour Nov 1 '13 at 17:42

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It has recently been unanimously approved by the ISO committee but did not make it in time for C++14. Though all the TSs (filesytem, library fundamentals, networking, etc.) are expected to be independently available ahead of C++17, I believe the intention is that if they are ready in time, they will be rolled into C++17, as happened with TR1 and C++11.

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