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My use case is as follows:

I am reading a csv file and I want to get the column headers there as a hash. Then Im saving the row-values of the these column names into a database.

What I want to do is:

  • incoming CSV file hash-keys = [Col1, Col2, Col3]
  • I want to map the values of these to the following database columns: [colA, colB, colC]
  • I don't want my database columns to be named Col1, Col2, Col3 but I want these as model attributes.

How do I make a model where some attributes are not database columns?


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attr_accessor not good enough? –  nzifnab Nov 1 '13 at 16:57

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Write the database tables as Row ->* Field (row.has_many fields).

Then in your Row class override method_missing, and inside that look up the target field via the missing name. So if Field.name == 'foo', then row.foo will fetch this record and return its value. When you call row.foo = 'bar', that will pass :'foo=' to method_missing; you can detect the = and assign a value to the target field. Googling for 'ActiveRecord method_missing has_many' might hit some code that already does this.

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Here's what you do with each column name.

col = 'Col20'

To convert it to lowercase + letters format that you want, first get the number:

number = col.match(/(\d+)/).try(:[],1).to_i
=> "20"

The above will attempt to find a number and then if there's a match, it will try to get that number.

Then convert (1=A, 20=T, ...):

new_col = col.downcase.sub( /\d+/, (number+64).chr )
=> "colT"

Then define such a property on the object you want it on like this:

my_object.class_eval { attr_accessor new_col }

And assign a value like this:

my_object.colT = "New Value"

Or dynamically:

my_object.send "#{new_col}=", "New Value"

And get its existing value by calling it by name:

=> "New Value"

Or dynamically:

my_object.send new_col
=> "New Value"
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