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Is anyone aware of a test suite or framework for testing new collection classes? Or tests of the standard collections that could be usefully repurposed? It seems like there are many invariants that could be generically tested.

If it matters, I'm working on implementations of IndexedSeq and its kin - not linked-lists, sets, or maps.

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This is not an answer, it would just take too much space in comments. I checked out scala from github (https://github.com/scala/scala) and tried to find any tests. After not being able to find something similar to what you were asking for I tried find:

# find test -iname "*collection*" -type f -exec wc -l {} \;

14 test/files/run/collection-stacks.check
38 test/files/run/collection-stacks.scala
64 test/files/run/collection-conversions.scala
58 test/files/run/unittest_collection.scala
11 test/files/run/collections-toSelf.scala
42 test/files/run/collections.check
125 test/files/run/collection-conversions.check
119 test/files/run/collections.scala
59 test/files/scalacheck/CheckCollections.scala
15 test/files/pos/collections.scala

As you can see all those files are pretty small, so I wonder where the tests are :).

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Thanks - there are also several additional collection-library tests in github.com/scala/scala/tree/master/test/files/scalacheck . As far as I've looked, none are designed for reuse, but they can be mined for invariants. –  Ed Staub Nov 2 '13 at 3:46
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Look into what scala uses


It should be a starting point for you

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This is interesting but only explains how they run tests, not where the tests are and how to use them. –  Aleksey Izmailov Nov 4 '13 at 21:58
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