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I applied MVC (Model View Control) in web application but I never applied MVC on Windows application.

How can I apply it in a Windows application? If any good link?

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What language are you programming in? – Giorgi Dec 29 '09 at 6:26
C#, and both... i can work both of them – Pankaj Dec 29 '09 at 6:43

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I suggest you read the following series: The Build Your Own CAB Series Table of Contents

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thanks Giorgi... – Pankaj Dec 29 '09 at 9:47
You are welcome – Giorgi Dec 29 '09 at 10:26

When designing windows applications (at least if you plan to use WPF) I think you should use the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, as recommended by Microsoft.

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I would personally suggest:

But here's as good a place to start as well:

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The question was about MVC in windows application, not mvc – Giorgi Dec 29 '09 at 9:23
No Sriranga, I am asking about MVC in windows application – Pankaj Dec 29 '09 at 9:46
I think you mean desktop apps and not "windows" apps. Bah.. – Srirangan Dec 29 '09 at 10:01
what are desktop apps and windows apps, you mean to say desktop application and windows application? – Pankaj Dec 29 '09 at 10:26
Exactly.. there is no such thing called a "windows app". A "windows" app can either be a desktop app that runs on windows or a web app that can be hosted on windows servers. :-/ – Srirangan Dec 29 '09 at 12:01

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