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Is it possible in WinRT to gain access to image file outside LocalStorage such that I could use file URI to bind it to source property in Image control? I can't use .OpenRead() with storing files in memory because I could have too many images (possible OutOfMemoryException). I also can't control my container rendering behaviour - it's FlipView and it doesn't have anything like ContainerContentChanging event in GridView (as far as I know).

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Unless your image files are in the pictures library and your app declares the "Pictures Library" capability in its manifest - you will need to ask the user for permission to access these files by using a file or folder picker. You can then save the token that allows access to that file/folder in the future access list.

One article I found that describes this gives these quick snippets:

To save token

var picker = new FolderPicker();
var folder = await picker.PickSingleFolderAsync();

StorageApplicationPermissions.FutureAccessList.AddOrReplace(Token, folder);

To access a storage item unlocked by a token

var folder = await StorageApplicationPermissions

var fileToCopy = await StorageFile
    .GetFileFromApplicationUriAsync(new Uri("ms-appx:///Assets/Logo.png"));
await fileToCopy.CopyAsync(folder, "Logo.png", NameCollisionOption.ReplaceExisting);

You could possibly use the file/folder path as a token if you need to enable more of these.

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