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Can anybody suggest me a way to receive mail from commandline and save it to a file. i have tried some tool but those were of no use. i tried getmail and popclient. but every time i get an error. may be my syntax is wrong.
in getmail i tried this command

getmail -u -pw password -s -port 110

and got error of winsock.dll
i have also tried it with port 993 and in this case it gave error of possible time out and in popclient i also used this type of settings in config.xml but i got the same error of server not responding.can anybody figure out what's the problem?

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The port number is wrong for gmail, and you need to use the POP access feature of gmail and the POP email server to connect to (not via imap).

Gmail uses a secure port and also SSL security. Enable the POP retrieval/access in Gmail configuration and read the Gmail help on how to access via POP (for any client) - it will list the port number and server name and security encryption.

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