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From, net-ssh, I occasionally get the exception Errno::EBADF: Bad file descriptor - /home/user/.ssh/known_hosts when attempting to access servers (via the Rye gem).

net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:107:in `each_line`
net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:107:in `block in keys_for`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:105:in `open`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:105:in `keys_for`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:35:in `block in search_in`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:35:in `map`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:35:in `search_in`
lib/net/ssh/known_hosts.rb:29:in `search_for`
lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:237:in `prepare_preferred_algorithms!`
lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:120:in `initialize`
lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:80:in `new`
lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:80:in `initialize`
lib/net/ssh.rb:200:in `new`
lib/net/ssh.rb:200:in `start`
lib/rye/box.rb:669:in `connect`

Is this a synchronization issue? It seems like the session attempts to open a file that has already been closed.

Using Phusion Passenger version 4.0.10 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS

Any help would be great, thanks.

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