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I need a way to detect that puppet has finished an initial run ( successfully ), so I can wait before launching other actions when spinning up machines on AWS EC2 and/or OpenStack. How can I check this?

Some ideas floated so far are:

  1. have puppet touch a file when finished ( successfully ), I can then just watch for that file
  2. have puppet write a fact when finished (successfully ), I can check facts through mcollective. ( Not sure if writing to puppet db from within a puppet run is even possible )
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These are the files you want to check.

The lock file is set if puppetd is currently running. State and last_run_summary can be used to see if past runs have succeeded or not.

See also this serverfault question:

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If your using Puppet Enterprise these files are normally found under /var/opt/lib/pe-puppet/state. Use puppet config print vardir to find the directory if you installed at a custom location – Geoff Williams Jul 3 '14 at 14:31

I have try it on CentOS 6.4

If you run Server/Client mode, check the file exist:


If you run it in standalone, I don't find there exist a lock file. Maybe you need to parse the log file for this item "Finished catalog run in xxx seconds"

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