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I do not think this is a duplicate. I cannot find the simple answer I am looking for.

In Eclipse (Juno), I want to highlight any single import statement and find out which jar contains that package/class.

Is this possible in Eclipse? If so, how?


This question looks very similar, but does not answer my question How to know the jar files being used in eclipse


Thank you for the answers, my problem is solved. I want to point out, however, for the edification of others, that the ctrl + shift + t solution provided by Adarshr only displayed the name of the jar when the highlighted import statement did NOT include the semicolon (;) at the end of the statement.

I was highlighting the entire package name, class name, and semicolon, and it did not display the jar name.

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I don't think this is currently available. If it is, it's new. The place I used to work for had to write a home-grown plugin to do what you are describing. –  MadConan Nov 1 '13 at 18:31

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It is already possible. Just highlight the class and press Ctrl + Shift + T.


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Thanks for this. I had a lengthy comment to this solution, which I have included in the question as Edit 2, FYI. –  Josh Nov 1 '13 at 18:54

Highlight the import and 'open' it (f3)... it will open the location it is sourced from, whether it is a jar or some source file.

It will (if you have your editor linked to the package navigator) also hilight the locaton in the left package tree...

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+1 This does work. –  Josh Nov 1 '13 at 19:03

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