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I need to make a universal caller for addons to my php project. I need to call models based on form field (POST):

    $moduleName = new ReflectionClass($module);
    $data = $moduleName->method($params);

This also doesn't work:

    $data = call_user_func_array($moduleName.'::method',array($params));


Is this right? I get ReflectionClass:method() 'not found or invalid function name' error.

How to call a new instance of the class by name from variable and function name also as variable?

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I think you mean:

$className  = 'YourClassName';
$methodName = 'classMethodName';
$module     = new $className();                // create new class instance
$data       = $module->{$methodName}($params); // call your method

if $params is an array, and you want to pass it to your method as multiple arguments:

$data = call_user_func_array(array($module, $methodName), $params);

Since you tagged this , here's the other way:

$module    = new $className();
$reflector = new ReflectionMethod($module, $methodName);
$reflector->invokeArgs($module, $params);  // call_user_func_array() equivalent

Obviously you don't need to instantiate your class if the method you're trying to call is static.

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Thanks a lot @onetrickpony, you're golden! – jakubplus Nov 1 '13 at 19:27

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