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I've been searching for a library that can render organisation charts in either flash and/or javascript(preferably jQuery). I know of several javascript and/or flash chart libraries but none of them seem to be able to render an organisation chart such as this: http://www.fsai.ie/images/org_chart.gif

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iLog Elixir seems to have what you're looking for, in Flash/Flex. It's a commercial product and quite expensive, though. I Also found these blog posts (apparently by people from their dev team) where you can see a bit of how org charts are implemented in their product.

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I have tried Google Org Chart. It is free and pretty simple to use. I have used it to create a dynamic org chart in SharePoint. There are a few issues with it. But overall I was satisfied with it.

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have you considered just embedding something like gliffy? it has it's own versioning and editing. Do you need to just render something already created or enable visio creation?

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