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I've got the following jQuery variable:

var numbers = ["1", "2", "3"]

I want to submit a form with these numbers so that my params variable looks like this in the controller:

  "evaluation" =>
     "batch_subject_ids" => ["1", "2", "3"]

I am creating this array on the fly when I click a button

  type: 'hidden',
  id: 'batch_subject_ids',
  name: 'evaluation[batch_subject_ids][]',
  value: batch_subject_ids

In the controller action, I receive the following params:

  "evaluation" =>
     "batch_subject_ids" => ["1,2,3"]

I can parse and replace the array, but I was wondering if I could send it from the client with the format I want without having to do that. How can I accomplish this? Thank you

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have a read through http://guides.rubyonrails.org/action_controller_overview.html#hash-and-array-parameters

You need to send separate values of batch_subject_ids[] = 1, batch_subject_ids[] = 2 etc. for this to be turned into an array.

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