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We are experiencing sporadic "connection refused" errors when trying to connect to https://api.box.com for getting accessToken and refreshToken. We are using apache amber client api to connect to box . The connectivity issue happens at random . is there a possibility that api.box.com . The flow of our OAUTH process is typical


  1. Hit the appurl that redirects to api.box.com/oauth2/authorize
  2. redirect to Box login page 3.After successful authentication , Box redirects to AUTH_REDIRECT_URI configured in the request along with the authorization code
  3. Our app sends a request to get api.box.com/oauth2/token to get the accessToken and refreshtoken


5.After which, for every request to our app makes a request to api.box.com/oauth2/token to get the new accessToken and refreshtoken

Is there any Box customer support that we can contact as the issue happens in our production environment.

Thanks, Arun

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You can totally contact Box support by either emailing api@box.com, or following the link on the lower right side of your box account menu.

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