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How do I replace terminal control characters with HTML tags ?

my ($black,$red,$green,$reset) = ('^[[30m','^[[38m','^[[92m','^[[0m');    

my $LogString = $red.'red'.$reset;

printf ("%s\n",$LogString);

$LogString =~s/$red/<font color="red">/g;
$LogString =~s/$reset/<\/font>/g;

printf HTML ("%s\n",$LogString);
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Consider using CSS and not font tags. – Kenosis Nov 1 '13 at 21:13
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You need to make sure that you properly escape the characters in your regex. Otherwise, the regex metacharacters such as [ in ^[[38m ($red) for example is thought to be the opening delimiter of a character class.

Consider changing to this:

$LogString =~s/\Q$red\E/<font color="red">/g;
$LogString =~s/\Q$reset\E/<\/font>/g;

The \Q and \E disable and reenable the regex metacharacters respectively.

See: for more details.

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