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Trying to get my hands on some low-end Verifone or Ingenico terminals for a custom e-voucher application. Found the devices at the right pricing and with the right functionality, but I'm quite dazzled because I can't find any information anywhere about how to program custom functionality into these things?!

I hope I'm not into NASACIATOPSECRET land now? Or maybe we're supposed to purchase SDKs or whatnot?

Farthest I got was some file listings on verifone's site that require login for download. Can't find any signup link though.

Would appreciate any pointers.

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Assuming you're using the Mx800 series of devices you're going to need the programming guide as well as FormManager (in their Mx800 Integration Kit) to actually create the UI. Unfortunately I think they only grant access to that portal for folks that are either registered Enterprise customers or go through their certification program.

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Which is quite stupid in my opinion since it's likely for the main reason for this to be related to their devices security...... – Nick M Nov 18 '13 at 17:08

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