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How can I allow users to utilize my components without having to build out a member tree?

Basically in short I have a factory using Ninject.e.Factory so there is no concrete implementation. I was thinking I could make a concrete implementation of this but when i spin up the objects I need they too also require injection, and then those objects need more injection. This could get pretty nasty, would I be better off just creating a a non injected version?

The core problem is, this component I am working on has legacy ties to older code, it would not be acceptable to have to wire up ninject in the older solution and then go around updating everything, so basically I want them to be able to continue using the existing classes the way they are.

I hope this makes sense :/ I would show code but not much to see, or i should say tooo much to paste lol.

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I don't quite understand. If you depend on legacy components then why don't you simply bind them? Bind<MyLegacyDep>().ToSelf() ? Or If its the other way round. Why can't you provide a factory that returns an instance using kernel.Get<MyNewComponent>() and hide Ninject completely using that factory? Probably you should add some sample object tree that shows what is legacy and what is not. – Remo Gloor Nov 4 '13 at 21:22
In the end I just went with the ninject factory anyways and just used the kernel.Get<T> I was reading that is a ServiceLocator pattern which I shouldn't be using but it worked. – Tony Nov 5 '13 at 16:15

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