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I'm writing code, which takes the raw body of the post request (from a form, basically) and splits it into variables. Then it does some recoding on them and spits out the recoded post body back to output.

My question is if I can safely assume that splitting the body by the "&" character and then by "=" on the elements of the resulting array will get me variable names and values. Or are there some escape sequences which could possibly make my code produce nonsense on the output?

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Yes, it is safe, if enctype of the form is application/x-www-form-urlencoded (default value)


HTML 4.01 Specification - Forms


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You must also to ignore HTML entities, like   (character),   (numeric) and   (hexadecimal) which could be sent.

An HTML entity starts with a & and ends with a ;

Sorry, with a well encoded form, I just realized you'll never stop by those characters. It's safe to split by & and =

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