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I know split can get a second parameter as a limit, but it is not what I'm looking for. And I know it can be done by splitting and joining again with a solid string delimiter.

The problem is the delimiter is a regular expression and I don't know the exact length of the pattern that matches.

Consider this string:

this is title
rest is body! even if there is some dashes.!
it should not counted as a separated part!

By using this:


I will get:

['this is title', 'rest is body! even if there is some dashes.!', '', 'it should not counted as a separated part!']

And this is what I wanted to be: (if I want to split the first occurrence)

['this is title', 'rest is body! even if there is some dashes.!
it should not counted as a separated part!']

I've came up with this solution, but it is just for the first occurrence.

function split(str, regex) {
    var match = str.match(regex);
    return [str.substr(0, match.index), str.substr(match.index+match[0].length)];

Any ideas for the any number n for the nth occurrence?


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var str= "this-----that---these------those";
var N= 2;
var regex= new RegExp( "^((?:[\\s\\S]*?---*){"+(N-1)+"}[\\s\\S]*?)---*([\\s\\S]*)$" );
var result= regex.exec(str).slice(1,3);


["this-----that", "these------those"]

Option with the function:

var generateRegExp= function (N) {
    return new RegExp( "^((?:[\\s\\S]*?---*){"+(N-1)+"}[\\s\\S]*?)---*([\\s\\S]*)$" );

var getSlice= function(str, regexGenerator, N) {
    return regexGenerator(N).exec(str).slice(1,3);

var str= "this-----that---these------those";
var N= 2;
var result= getSlice(str, generateRegExp, N);


Option with the function 2:

var getSlice= function(str, regex, N) {
    var re= new RegExp( "^((?:[\\s\\S]*?"+regex+"){"+(N-1)+"}[\\s\\S]*?)"+regex+"([\\s\\S]*)$" );
    return re.exec(str).slice(1,3);

var str= "this-----that---these------those";
var N= 3;
var result= getSlice(str, "---*", N);


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Thanks. That's better than my solution, but I'm looking for a solution to split a string by nth occurrence of a regex. Your solution splits the string only by the first occurrence. –  Amir Nov 1 '13 at 23:16
Amir, give an example of the source text and the result in the case of Nth occurrence (N=2 or more). –  ReinRaus Nov 1 '13 at 23:19
Imagine this string: 'this-----that---these------those'. if N=2 (1-based), the result should be: ['this-----that', 'these------those'] –  Amir Nov 1 '13 at 23:30
Thanks, I updated the answer. –  ReinRaus Nov 1 '13 at 23:55
Great! :) Is it possible to do that with any regular expressions? Say we want to write a function that gets the string, regular expression and N, then returns the result array! –  Amir Nov 2 '13 at 0:01

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