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Is it possible to add an external project in CMake but to exclude it from the all build target?

I've looked at the EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL option which is used with ADD_EXECUTABLE but I don't think this works with an external project.

Alternatively I'd be happy if I could change the default target for CMake, but I I think that's hard-coded to all.

For the project that I'm working on I am generating Unix Makefiles with CMake and right now I'm using CMake version

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Even if the option EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL is not used upon adding the target by the ExternalProject_add command, the option can be activated retroactively by setting the EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL property of the external project target, i.e.:

  URL ... )
set_target_properties(MyExternal PROPERTIES EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL TRUE)
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thanks, I didn't have time to try it till today, but that's just the setting I needed. – Gabriel Southern Nov 8 '13 at 18:12

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