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After a bunch of questions (1, 2, 3) regarding Fonts, Unicode Fonts, @font-face etc. I's unable to find a real solution. So I'm thinking now to develop a very simple program that can install/write a necessary font directly into the /windows/fonts folder according to the version of Windows.

I know StackOverflow is not to offer an idea to get a solution, but to try something and fix some bug with the help of others. But I just actually have no idea, how I can proceed with it where I'm dealing with an Operating System, Self-extracting installer etc. with a very simple knowledge of a server-side scripting language - PHP. I don't have any VB, or C knowledge. Recently I'm learning basic Java - if that can help - it'd be nice.

Any help or path-showing would be greatly appreciated.

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There was a discussion about installing fonts in windows using C#. I don't have a good idea of what your constraints may be, could you talk more about the self extracting installer you're using?

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