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I have a simple program that gets an text input from the user, and displays it on an instrument (Keithley). However, the attribute does not seem to change. That is, when I run the Start method, the output is "Wowee", even if I change Display in a pop-up window. Do I have to make it editable? I didn't think so. I am basically following Gael Varoquaux's intro to traits.


from traits.api import *
from traitsui.api import *

import Keithley3706A_module

class ControlPanel(HasTraits):
    keithley2430settings = Instance(Keithley2430.Keithley2430Settings, ())
    keithley3706Asettings = Instance(Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706ASettings, ())
    start = Button("Start Measurements")
    clear_3706A_display = Button("Clear K3706A Display")

    k3706A_settings = Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706ASettings()
    k3706A = Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706A()
    view = View(Item('start', show_label=False,style='custom' ),
        Item('clear_3706A_display', show_label=False,style='custom' ),

    def _start_fired(self):
        print "hello %s" % self.k3706A_settings.display

    def _clear_3706A_display_fired(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':


from traits.api import *
from traitsui.api import *

import visa
import time

class Keithley3706ASettings(HasTraits):
    display = String("Wowee")

class Keithley3706A(HasTraits):
    def __init__(self):
       self.Keithley3706AUSB = visa.instrument("USB0::0x05E6::0x3706::04019447::INSTR") 

    def message(self,foo):
        s="display.settext('%s')" % foo

    def clear(self):
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In the ControlPanel class, you have created two different instances of Keithley3706ASettings, namely keithley3706Asettings and k3706A_settings. If I delete the latter, and replace the use of k3706A_settings with keithley3706Asettings, it works. Here's my version (with references to the 2430 device removed, the k3706A trait declared as an Instance of Keithley3706A, and a few other irrelevant UI changes):

class ControlPanel(HasTraits):

    keithley3706Asettings = Instance(Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706ASettings, ())

    k3706A = Instance(Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706A, ())

    start = Button("Start Measurements")
    clear_3706A_display = Button("Clear K3706A Display")

    view = View(UItem('start'),
                Item('keithley3706Asettings', style='simple'))

    def _start_fired(self):
        print "hello %s" % self.keithley3706Asettings.display

    def _clear_3706A_display_fired(self):
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Thanks! So why didn't it work? Besides messy, can't have two instances? What is difference between k3706A = Instance(Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706A, ()) and k3706A = Keithley3706A_module.Keithley3706A()? I can't find a reference for Instance(). –  DanG Nov 4 '13 at 19:14
It didn't work because the GUI was changing one instance, but _start_fired was using the string from the other instance, which was never changed. It works without declaring k3706A to be an Instance, and I don't recall if there are specific problems that can arise by not using Instance, but if you're going to use Traits, you might as well make your declaration of the type explicit. The Instance trait type is mentioned in one of the tables of predefined traits here: docs.enthought.com/traits/traits_user_manual/… –  Warren Weckesser Nov 4 '13 at 19:27
Aha! yes, I see. Thanks for excellent reference. Should be easier to find... –  DanG Nov 4 '13 at 19:55

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