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After working on a simple view helper for nested fields ive become stumped on the use of html_safe.

Using a simple yet trivial example for explanations sake

#view helper
def add_link
    html = render "message"
    content_tag :a, "click me", 'data-html' => html

#message partial
<p class="blah" id="yo">hey how are you</p>

$(document).ready ->
  $('a').click ->

<%= add_link %>

In the browser the link 'click me' is rendered incorrectly, it looks like this

hey how are you ">click me

the reason why is because the links data-html attribute is storing the contents of the message partial which has a few " and so its messing up the html tag.

Ok lets fix it by escaping the contents of that partial


#view helper    
def add_link
    html = render "message"
    content_tag :a, "click me", 'data-html' => CGI.escapeHTML(html)

Now the link renders correctly.

But when I click it unfortunately the appended html is escaped so in the browser it looks like this

click me <p class="this is it">hey how are you</p>

after bashing my head i figure what the hell and try appending html_safe without really understanding why it would work.


#view helper    
def add_link
    html = render "message"
    content_tag :a, "click me", 'data-html' => CGI.escapeHTML(html).html_safe

and low and behold it works in the browser

click me hey how are you

BUT WHY!?!?!

I understand why i have to CGI.escape_html the partial contents first - to avoid mismatching "s.

But then why in Version 2, when i click the link is the appended html coming out litterally as a text? And why does calling html_safe fix it?

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this link has a detailed explanation for your question, hope it clears some picture...

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