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I would like to set default style for all widgets in my application. I found this page and read that there is set_default_style() function. The problem is I cannot find it anywhere.

In witch package / module / class i can find this function? Is there any other way to avoid setting styles for every widget with gtk.Widget.set_style() method?

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Widget.set_default_style() is deprecated since 3.0. You don't mention what version you are running but I'll go ahead and assume it's 3.x.

What you want is a Gtk.CSSProvider (which you can build either from a string or from a css file), and attach this custom style provider to the style context. Something like this:

style_provider = Gtk.CssProvider ()

css = """
GtkWindow {
    background-color: #F00;

style_provider.load_from_data (css);

Gtk.StyleContext.add_provider_for_screen (Gdk.Screen.get_default(), 

Take a look at the CSSProvider documentation for more details on the exact css format.

EDIT: actually you mention pygtk in the title -- I guess that means GTK+ 2.x? In that case the answer is not what I posted, and I really don't remember ye olden ways anymore. Sorry.

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I just stumbled into this, and by brute-force experimenting, I ended up using:


for an example, see:

Templating overflowing content with glade and pygtk?

Not sure if it'd help in this case, though...

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