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I have a dialog window like so:

<div data-role="dialog" class="windowsrestrictions" id="windowsrestrictions<?php echo ($i+1); ?>" data-close-btn="none">
<div data-role="header">
    <h1>Windows Kısıtlamaları</h1>
</div><!-- /header -->
<div data-role="content">   
        <fieldset data-role="controlgroup">
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2a" id="checkbox-v-2a" value="NoSetTaskbar">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2a">Taskbar'ın özelliklerini değiştirmeyi engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2b" id="checkbox-v-2b" value="NoFolderOptions">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2b">Klasör özelliklerine erişimi engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2c" id="checkbox-v-2c" value="DisableTaskMgr">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2c">Görev Yöneticisi'ne erişimi engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2d" id="checkbox-v-2d" value="NoClose">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2d">Bilgisayarı Kapat-Yeniden Başlat-Uyku Moduna Al Komutlarını engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2e" id="checkbox-v-2e" value="NoViewOnDrive">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2e">Sürücüleri engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2f" id="checkbox-v-2f" value="NoPropertiesMyComputer">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2f">Bilgisayarım özelliklerine girmeyi engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2g" id="checkbox-v-2g" value="NoControlPanel">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2g">Denetim Masası'na erişimi engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2h" id="checkbox-v-2h" value="NoRun">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2h">Çalıştır Komutunu engelle</label>
            <input type="checkbox" class="winrest" name="checkbox-v-2i" id="checkbox-v-2i" value="StartMenuLogOff">
            <label for="checkbox-v-2i">Oturumu Kapat komutunu engelle</label>
</div><!-- /content -->
<div data-role="footer">
    <a href="#" class="closedialogwindow" data-role="button" data-mini="true" data-inline="true">Vazgeç</a>
</div><!-- /footer -->
</div><!-- /page -->

and I am handling each checkbox's value with this line of code:

    var rulename = $(this).find(".winrest").val();
    var id = $(this).parent().parent().parent().parent().parent().parent().attr("id");
    id = id.split("windowsrestrictions");
    id = id[1];
    var filterport = $("#filterport"+id).val();

My problem is when I open page in desktop with Chrome it works fine but when I opened the page with a mobile device page loading message does not appeare and ajax request does not work. Anyone has a solution about this?

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Could you elaborate on why you're binding to the class ".ui-checkbox"? – Malcolm Diggs Nov 2 '13 at 9:45
because it means all of the div. Whereever I click on ui-checkbox div it checks it and I can handle the value – user1906995 Nov 2 '13 at 9:56
You could add an error handler on the ajax calls and see if you get any message. – Red2678 Nov 3 '13 at 16:03
$.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg(); does not fire first when I tap on it with a mobile device but when I click it works fine – user1906995 Nov 4 '13 at 10:21
it worked when I write "change" instead of "click" – user1906995 Nov 4 '13 at 10:32

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