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I am creating buttons that send the customer to a hosted payment system. In this case an authorize.net Simple Checkout button in test mode.

<form name="PrePage" method = "post" action = "https://Simplecheckout.authorize.net/payment/CatalogPayment.aspx"> <input type = "hidden" name = "LinkId" value ="8a40541d-2f0f-4bfe-a1e8-397292f5dee5" /> <input type = "image" src ="//content.authorize.net/images/buy-now-gold.gif" /> </form>

My attempt to get the form inputs into the url are following:


What am I doing wrong?

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The diffence is that you are using the GET method instead of POST. When you include data in your query string (things after the ? in the URL) you are using the GET method. If you have a form you can specify to use the POST (as it is in your code example also). In this set up the data is transferred a different way. Not in the query string.

see: HTTP - Post and Get

Maybe your server is not handling, only the POST method, so your GET request won't work.

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