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If I were to create a new Turtle object I would simply write Turtle t1 = new Turtle(w,4,4);.

But lets say I want to create 100 Turtles, can I do it with a while function? I thought I could do something similiar to this:¨

int x =scan.nextInt();
        Turtle x = new Turtle(w,4,4);

I thought that the turtles would be named what the variable x had for number, but its trying to name them all to x I guess so it doesnt work..

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Yes you can.

Make sure you keep the references to the x different objects you created. Otherwise you wont be able to reference them again.

int x = scan.nextInt();
Turtle[] turtles = new Turtle[x];
        Turtle turtle = new Turtle(w,4,4);
        turtles[x] = turtle;

After this you can use any of the x turtles by referencing them:


Your original code won't work because you used the same name for the int typed variable and wanted to use the x also for the Turtle reference. That won't work since the x name is already in use for something else.

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This answer spared me making a new question. Thank you! –  ViRALiC Feb 10 '14 at 12:12

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