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I have a "login.html.erb" layout, an "adminLogin.html.erb" layout, and an "application.html.erb" layout.

I use Devise for two resources "centres" and "users". It's the "User" resource that gives me some trouble.

I want all Devise views appear in the login layout, except "edit_user_registrations". So I made this "before_filter" in "application_controller" :

def layout_by_resource
  if devise_controller? && resource_name == :centre
  elsif devise_controller? && resource_name == :user 
    if action_name == "edit"

  elsif controller_path.split('/').first == "admin"


It works fine, except when the update faile. For example when the user entered an empty email address. I mean, the user is redirected to edit_user_registration_path, but the view is displayed in the wrong layout (in login.html.erb instead of application.html.erb like it should).

Why the layout changes after failed update ?


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