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I am working on test website (i am learning html+css) and now I need your help with something.

I have 3 divs with texts(width 50% each) and in upper left corner of every div i want to have image with "+" symbol. When user click on in, symbol + will change itself to - and width of div (just for that one div).

Good example is here on pic: (but i want "-" symbol too)

Can someone shows me how to do that? I have no chance with JS (newbie).

Of course if it is possible to animate it (not only change width)

(sry for bad english - hope you will understand what i want)

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Search for jQuery modal or lightbox plugins... –  Petra Nov 2 '13 at 13:56

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As I understand your HTML should be something like this

<div><span class='changeSign'>+</span>some text here</div>
<div><span class='changeSign'>+</span>some text here</div>
<div><span class='changeSign'>+</span>some text here</div>

Then you can position your with position:relative inside your

Your jQuery will be like this

if ($(this).text() == '+'){
}     else {


wodking example -

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        <div id='symbol'>+</div> // the "+" symbol, you'd like to click, you can change the + to a image.
        <div id='d1'></div>
        <div id='d2'></div>
        <div id='d3'></div>

js(with jquery):
       $(this).attr('id', 'sub')
       $(this).text('-') //if it's image, change the image
       $('#d1').css('width', '100%')

  $(this).attr('id', 'symbol')
       $(this).text('+') //if it's image, change back to "+" image
       $('#d1').css('width', '50%')
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if you are looking to just simply collapse-expand the <div>, I think this will do.


<div class="collapse"><a>+</a><p>Some text...</p></div>


    if($(this).parent('div').attr('class') == 'collapse'){
        $(this).text('-')//if it's an image, replace it via .attr('src', 'url');
    }else {

if you want to add some animations just add CSS transition to your <div>

div { transition: width 0.5s linear;}

or with jQuery .animate()

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