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I am relatively new to Neo4j, and have a doubt regarding writing of dynamic queries in Neo4j with spring. From what I have read, the queries are annotated with @Query parameter in an interface that extends the GraphRepository class, and the dynamic parameters are supplied as argument.

But my requirement is such that I have to dynamically generate the number of where clauses.

For example,
@Query("match n where n.__type__='com.connectme.domain.Person' and n.age > {0} return
public List<Object> getPeopleWithAge(Integer age);//

My query can also change wherein age can also be less than some value, in which case, the query can become :

@Query("match n where n.__type__='com.connectme.domain.Person' and n.age > {0} and n.age <{1} return
public List<Object> getPeopleWithAge(Integer age1, Integer age2);//

In similar way, many clauses around the age parameter can lead to variation in where clauses. How can i dynamically handle this as currently I am only aware of this annotated way of executing queries. Can I override and write my own custom queries ?

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You can also use Neo4j-Template.query for custom queries or inherit from CypherDslRepository and use CypherDSL – Michael Hunger Nov 3 '13 at 16:16
Could you please elaborate more ? I am unfamiliar with what CypherDslREpository is ? – ayan_2587 Nov 11 '13 at 12:53
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You can write your own custom query logic. First you create an extra interface containing the custom query method, so you get two repository interfaces

public interface YourRepository extends GraphRepository<SomeClass> implements YourRepositoryExtension{
    //inferred queries, annotated queries

public interface YourRepositoryExtension {
    EndResult<SomeClass> customQuery();
    Iterable<SomeClass> customTraversal();

Then you make an implementation:

public class YourRepositoryImpl implements YourRepositoryExtension {

    private YourRepository yourRepository;

    public EndResult<SomeClass> customQuery(){
        //your query logic, using yourRepository to make cypher calls.
        return yourRepository.query("START n.. etc.. RETURN n", <optional params>);

    public Iterable<SomeClass> customTraversal(){
        SomeClass startNode = yourRepository.findOne(123);
        return yourRepository.findAllByTraversal(startNode, <some custom traversal>);
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Thanks for your reply...but I dont fully understand this yet...How do i write the queries and would I have to implement GraphRepository in YourRepositoryImpl class ? – ayan_2587 Nov 3 '13 at 5:28
I've updated the example to be more elaborate. Is it more clear now? – Wouter Nov 3 '13 at 5:58
Sorry for the late reply.. but thanks a lot for the explanation. Cleared an issue that was bugging me for quite some time. – ayan_2587 Nov 11 '13 at 12:52

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