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I am making firefox addon and I cann't manages styles to show correctly. For example, links color are always what page defines:


    contentStyleFile: self.data.url("style.css"),
    contentScriptFile: [self.data.url("jquery.js"), self.data.url("script.js")]


#div_id {background:green}
#div_id a.black {color:black}


$('body').append("<div id='div_id'><a class='black' href='#'>link</a></div>");

The result is: background:green is working, but #div_id a.black {color:black} is not working.

Page define a color and addon css-file can't change it. The only way to do it is $('#div_id a.black').css({'color':'black'})

What is wrong with addons css files? Why they are working only partially?

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I cannot tell why it doesn't work for you, as you don't provide a reproducible example incl. steps to reproduce, but I recreated a minimal example and it does work for me ... –  nmaier Nov 3 '13 at 3:46

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I will use this:

var styles = "#div_id {background:green}\
#div_id a.black {color:black}";

It is ugly, but it works.

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