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Panoramio Data API:

I'm trying to access the photos from New Zealand through the following request of http://www.panoramio.com/map/get_panoramas.php?order=popularity&set=public&from=0&to=10&minx=-33.541395&miny=167.380829&maxx=-46.498392&maxy=179.817352

The above URL always returns an empty content as mentioned below: {"count":271,"has_more":false,"photos":[]}

But, the request with a different co-ordinates works fine as mentioned below. http://www.panoramio.com/map/get_panoramas.php?order=popularity&set=public&from=0&to=10&minx=-124.29382324218749&miny=36.089060460282006&maxx=-119.8773193359375&maxy=38.724090458956965

Can any one let me know, what is the problem and how this can be rectified, is the API restricted to any specific country?

Thanks in advance!

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The url in your example is right but the coordinates are in the middle of pacific ocean where there is no images by panoramio.

You can test it here http://www.panoramio.com/map/#lt=-33.541395&ln=167.380829&z=8&k=2&a=1&tab=1&pl=all

One can also use this fiddle to test your panoramio requests


new Request.JSONP({
    url: 'http://www.panoramio.com/map/get_panoramas.php?order=popularity&set=public&from=0&to=10&minx=-124.29382324218749&miny=36.089060460282006&maxx=-119.8773193359375&maxy=38.724090458956965',
    data: {},
    onSuccess: function(response) {
        show_response(response, $('post'));

show_response = function(obj, result) {
    $H(obj).each(function(v, k) {
        new Element('li', {
            text: k + ': ' + JSON.stringify(v, null, 4)
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