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I'm trying to compile why3ide (why3-0.81) with krakatoa & jessie (why-2.33) for Windows (Cygwin). Everything went fine except I can't make right bottom textbox to show notations (it is always empty), moreover I get the error (highlighted in the picture) every time when I try to select the item to proof.

why3ide on Windows Image:

Here is this error:

Apply transformation introduce_premises
Why3ide callback raised an exception:
anomaly: End_of_file

Raised at file "", line 197, characters 41-52
Called from file "", line 425, characters 8-33
Called from file "", line 440, characters 6-24

How can I debug this error? (I'm newbie for OCaml) file is here:

Files that refers to introduce_premises transformation are here:

P.S. I tried to add why3 & why3ide tags for this post, but my reputation is not enough for that yet.

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possible duplicate of How to trace error of OCaml programs? – Paul Sweatte Jan 24 '15 at 3:08

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