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I am trying to load data from a database into a html page. basically when a user access their profile and clicks on "Purchase History" it should query the database and display all the products the user has purchased.

I am trying to do this using ajax and json, but i get an error:

TypeError: <gluon.dal.Field object at 0x091CCD90> is not JSON serializable

Below is the code:

def prodHistoryJson():
    productName = db.sale.title
    productCost = db.sale.price
    prodShipAdd = db.sale.shipping_address
    prodShipCity = db.sale.shipping_city
    prodShipState = db.sale.shipping_state
    prodShipZipCode = db.sale.shipping_zip_code

    myproducts = {'prodName':productName, 

    import  gluon.contrib.simplejson as json
    returnData = json.dumps(myproducts)

return returnData

below is the jquery:

$.ajax( {
        data: { message: "Your products purchase history is listed below" },
        success: function(msg) {

           try {
            catch(err) {
                console.log(" error");
            // place returned value in the DOM
            $('#returnData').html(myproducts.title + myproducts.price + myproducts.shipping_address
             + myproduct.shipping_state + myproducts.shipping_city + myproducts.shipping_zip_code);

what am i doing wrong? I can get this all to work if i just do this in a simpler way where a user hits the purchase_History button and it queries the database and displays the products purchased. How do i do the same thing with the code above?

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This has nothing to do with jQuery. gluon.dal.Field can not be serialized to JSON. – user1907906 Nov 2 '13 at 16:33
It seems like db.sale.title etc. are not strings you hope for, but rather the field descriptors. How are you getting those? – Amadan Nov 2 '13 at 16:33
Side note: remove the try-catch in your AJAX code. It's better to see mistakes due to the page not loading correctly, rather than silently sweeping them to the console where you'll never see them. As it's structured right now, your code might throw an exception yet still try to modify the page, which doesn't make sense. – musical_coder Nov 2 '13 at 16:39
agreed with @musical_coder, moving answer to comment: Would be interesting to see more of the stack trace and the declaration of you db fields. Some db fields are not serializable (like db.GeoPt, dates, db.Key, etc) directly, and you need to do it 'manually'. I had the same problem and solved it by using this answer. – pascal Nov 2 '13 at 16:42
@Amadan, they are defined in the sale table. musical_coder, right now i am just trying to load raw data using json, i have however removed the try catch from the code as requested. – theNoob Nov 2 '13 at 17:03

so thanks to @Amadan last night, we finally figured out how to query the database using json and serialize the python objects to display the results...

def pruchaseHistoryJson():
    if auth.user:
        rows = db(db.sale.auth_id == auth.user.id
        redirect(URL('default', 'user/login'))

import  gluon.contrib.simplejson as json
prodHistory = json.dumps([{'name': i.title, 
                           'shipCode':i.shipping_zip_code} for i in rows])
return prodHistory

this code works fine and displays the results as expected, now back to the writing up the jquery function for this.

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