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Someone asked me how familiar I am with VC++ and how familiar I am with C++. What is the difference?

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In addition to the excellent answers below, (and possibly off-topic) bear in mind that knowing how to code C++ (as in standard C++) is hardly the same as knowing how to code a windows app in C++. Knowing how to code C++ is a subset of coding Windows apps in C++. – Onorio Catenacci Oct 13 '08 at 13:26
@YuHao normally you mark the newer question as a duplicate of the older one... – rubenvb Oct 9 '13 at 15:11
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C++ is the actual language, VC++ is Microsoft's Visual C++, an IDE for C++ development.


C++ is the programming language, Visual C++ is Microsoft's implementation of it.

When people talk about learning Visual C++, it usually has more to do with learning how to use the programming environment, and how to use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs) for Windows rather than any language issues. Visual C++ can and will compile straight C and C++.

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Though it seems one cannot download this IDE. It comes as a so-called module in visual studio. Note microsoft itself uses the term "visual c++" as a language, implicitly referring to their custom extensions to c++ and c++/CLI. – jiggunjer Mar 18 '15 at 13:02
@jiggunjer Exactly. People generally fall for this misconception. – ozgur Feb 4 at 0:01

C++ is the name of a programming language that has been approved by international standards committees (ANSI/ISO).

VC++ (“Visual C++”) is the product name of Microsoft's C++ compiler and sometimes, but not officially, the IDE it's shipped with (“Visual Studio”).

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Well, Visual C++ used to stand for the Microsoft C++ compiler plus the MFC library. Basically there's no difference in the language itself, but VC++ includes a library, and some IDE support, for easily building GUIs.

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VC++ means different things to different people. You can use the Visual Studio environment to build (almost) standard C++ applications. You can also use it for Micrososft-specific additions - which vary from version to version. For example, the MFC components for windows applications, or the newer C++/CLI for .NET applications

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VC++ is short for Visual C++, and is an IDE (integrated development environment) developed by Microsoft, included as part of Visual Studio. C++ is a language.

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C++ is a language, VC++ (Visual C++) is a Microsoft development environment which was a forerunner to Visual Studio which helps you write C++.

You can know everything there is to know about C++ and never have seen VC++.

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VC++ is IDE developed by Microsoft using microsoft c++ compiler.while C++ is the programming language.

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vc++ is a development environment and c++ is a language

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