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I have some items in my shopify store that have similar themed items that compliment it well.

I know I could just add an <a href link in there, but I'd like to do something that is actually part of liquid, and would also be easier for my non-programmer partner (who also has the authority to make me sleep on the couch :-( ...) to add these links. Is there a way to add a link using the liquid formatting? Something like This would go great with ${items.ellington-coffee-table-set}!?

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It would be great to be able to access a product like this, but unfortunately it is not possible to get a product by its handle in liquid.

You would have to loop through the collection to find the product like this:

{% for product in %}
    {% if product.handle == 'my-product-handle' %}
        {{ 'my product' | link_to: product.url }}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

But that looks pretty messy if all you want is a link to the product, and you still have to hard-code the product's handle. This would be simpler:

{{ 'my product' | link_to: '/products/my-product-handle' }}

Still not ideal, but probably a better alternative than coding an <a href=... link manually.

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