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In openstack nova, different types of rabbitmq consumers ((ex. topic consumer, node_topic consumer, fanout consumer) are associated with each nova services (ex. nova-schedule, nova-compute etc) . Following lines is an Excerpt from which uses 3 consumers for each nova service.FYI: is a wrapper for generating nova-services.

self.conn.create_consumer(self.topic, rpc_dispatcher, fanout=False)

node_topic = '%s.%s' % (self.topic,
self.conn.create_consumer(node_topic, rpc_dispatcher, fanout=False)

self.conn.create_consumer(self.topic, rpc_dispatcher, fanout=True)

I guess, each consumer is associated with a different Rabbit Queue. I think, we may need a node_topic consumer for sending messages directly to a node. what may be the purposes of two other consumers ( topic, & fanout consumer ) in each service?

Also, when I list exchanges of rabbitmq in my devstack node with the following command, it shows a whole lot of (11685) messages

stack@9734efd5-6fcd-4127-92b4-6715a66fda9d:/opt/stack$ sudo rabbitmqctl list_exchanges | wc -l

can someone explain why are there so many exchanges in the rabbitmq of openstack devstack implemenation?

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