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I'm asking for int input, and then checking whether it is equal to the correct answer, but how do I guard against users inputting chars?

    int main()
       int response;
       int answer;

       scanf("%f", &response);
       if(response == answer)
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Compile with all warnings, e.g. with gcc -Wall –  Basile Starynkevitch Nov 3 '13 at 1:01

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scanf(3) gives a result (the count of successfully read items), that you should use. And your %f is incorrect, so you should code

if (scanf(" %d", &response)==1) { 
  /// did got some response

I took into account the good comment of Jonathan Leffler in the answer of Soumya Koumar ...

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You will have to use %d for scanning an int from input.

According to scanf definition it returns the number of items scanned if successful or 0 in case there is a matching failure. So if you enter a char instead of an integer in the standard input it will return 0 as the return value.

You can do something like:

if (scanf(....) == 0) { 
    /* error */ 
} else {
    /* do my work */
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It is better to test for the exact number of items you expect (if (scanf(...) != 1) { report error; } else { do real work; } because scanf() can return -1 on EOF as well as 0 (and it might report 3 if there were 17 conversion specifications in the format string, meaning it got stuck after 3 successful conversions, leaving 1 attempted but failed conversion, and 13 unattempted conversions). –  Jonathan Leffler Nov 3 '13 at 1:16

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