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im switching jboss 4.2.2 to 5.0.1 and i have installed jboss. now on client side i replaced existing jar files. jbossall-client.jar,jboss-client.jar,commons-logging.jar,jboss-serialization.jar,jnp-client.jar. but still error came on logging.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/logging/Logger at org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext.(NamingContext.java:160)

could anyone shed some light.

note:(when i copy all 90 jars from jboss-5.0.1.GA\client into my client lib, my APPLICATION WORKING. but i don know what are the remaining jars exactly needed.) :(

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The org.jboss.logging API classes are in jboss-logging-spi.jar. You'll probably also need either jboss-logging-jdk.jar or jboss-logging-log4j.jar.

In JBoss 4, the jbossall-client.jar contained a copy of every class that client applications might need. As of v5, though, it contains only a manifest file that refers to the other JARs, and so simply including jbossall-client.jar is no longer enough, you need to include the others as well.

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thanks. i have copied those. now the error differs. java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.naming.Reference cannot be cast –  Tamizh Dec 29 '09 at 14:42
That means you have multiple copies of javax.naming.Reference. But please don't just stick additional questions as comments to the answer - accept each answer and move on to the next question. –  skaffman Dec 29 '09 at 14:48

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