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I'm writing a Google Chrome extension that needs to do a lot of things with other extensions, such as:

  • List installed extensions and read their IDs
  • Request extension installation, update and removal (preferably without bothering the user)
  • Modify extension settings

and so on. Which of these are possible, and which are not (due to e.g. security considerations)?

P.S. I haven't been able to find answers in the inter-extension messaging section of the official docs (or anywhere else, actually).

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You can do most of those things today with chrome.management API. For example:

Get a list of information about installed extensions and apps:

chrome.management.getAll(function callback)

Uninstall a currently installed app or extension:

chrome.management.uninstall(string id, object options, function callback)
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Chromium developer Brian Kennish states here suggests writing an NPAPI plugin as the most rational option to achieve the desired effect.

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How about this? You can do some stuff. code.google.com/chrome/extensions/management.html –  Mohamed Mansour Jan 1 '11 at 17:18
Thanks, Mohamed. This particular subset of the API seems to be quite new (it was unavailable when I asked the question). Still, I no longer need it, because I was planning to write an extension that would manage extension sync across Chrome installations, and that functionality has since already made its way into Chrome itself. –  dpq Jan 17 '11 at 12:15

This is not directly possible via the extension API. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend using NPAPI for this either since you'd have to modify files which are in-use by the browser, which is unreliable at best.

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