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I'm trying to use Tumblr's API to pull posts with a specific hashtag from an individual blog.

This URL will pull the five most recent posts from the blog in question:

I had a look at Tumblr's Tagged Method documentation, and then built this url to pull the most recent 5 posts with the tag "landscape" (the difference is that I added &tagged?tag=landscape after the api key):

Unfortunately, however, this link does just like the former and returns the last five posts, regardless of hashtag. Any thoughts on how I might fix this?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello again everyone,

Turns out I was trying to combine two different endpoints by pulling from an individual blog and at the same time calling &tagged, which searches through all posts on Tumblr. By removing that snippet and just &tag=landscape instead, I was able to correctly search for posts from a specific blog with a certain hashtag.

Have a lovely day!

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