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From the PHP documentation:

only four types of code are affected by namespaces: classes, interfaces, functions and constants.

But, it seems to me that TRAITS are also affected:

namespace FOO;

trait fooFoo {}

namespace BAR;

class baz
    use fooFoo; // Fatal error: Trait 'BAR\fooFoo' not found in

Am I wrong?

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I think they are affected as well. Look at some of the comments on the php.net page.

The first comment:

Note that the "use" operator for traits (inside a class) and the "use" operator for namespaces (outside the class) resolve names differently. "use" for namespaces always sees its arguments as absolute (starting at the global namespace):

namespace Foo\Bar;
use Foo\Test;  // means \Foo\Test - the initial \ is optional

On the other hand, "use" for traits respects the current namespace:

namespace Foo\Bar;
class SomeClass {
    use Foo\Test;   // means \Foo\Bar\Foo\Test
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