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I'm replacing my show_boxed method of pdflib_com.dll 4 version with pdflib_dotnet.dll method fit_textline. To get same output result as that of show_boxed manual suggested me to use minspacing=100%, maxspacing=10000%, SHRINKLIMIT=100% but it throws an error stating UNKOWN OPTIONS minspacing, maxspacing (VB.net)

I need help to resolve this issue. Please suggest me if I erred in text formatting or case?

http://www.uni-regensburg.de/rechenzentrum/medien/cms-support/pdflib-manual-6_02.pdf (page231)

I replaced following code:

dim p as pdflib_com.pdf

result = p.show_boxed(Left(textValue, textLen), dblX, dblY, dblWidth, dblHeight, strAlign, "blind")


I REPLACED SAME WITH dim pa s pdflib_dotnet.pdflib Dim tf As Integer

Dim optlist As String = "fontname=Helvetica-Bold fontsize=8 " & " alignment=" & strAlign & " encoding=winansi minspacing=100% maxspacing=10000% shrinklimit=100% nofitlimit=100%"

tf = p.add_textflow(-1, textValue, optlist)

result = p.fit_textflow(tf, dblX, dblY + 10, dblWidth, dblHeight, "")

but this *results as "_stop"* for same dblx,dbly,dblwidth,dblheight, textValue and there is a alignment issue in the output pdf file. It is not similar as that of show_boxed am i missing any options in optionList?

request: Is there an alternative for textflow option as of boxsize in fit_textline

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