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I have a series of html webpages that have some user interactivity for example:

Adding groups example

The buttons link to php files that perform the tasks of adding/deleting records from an SQL database.

The problem I face is that with a slow connection the user may feel that the button has not been clicked and therefore click it again causing the php to be called again.

I would like to have a type of progress bar appear on the screen when the button is clicked therefore locking out the website from further use until the php routine has completed and the page is refreshed.

I am assuming that it will be an Ajax type call.

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Using a progress bar for adding records is pretty useless as they're making your webpage slower because the user has to load a bunch of javascript and the progress bar styling. You better disable the buttons as soon as they're clicked and change the cursor to load so the user sees that something is going on.


$( ".submit-button" ).click(function() {
    $(".submit-button").prop('disabled', true);


.submit-button:active {

In this example, .submit-button your submit button class.

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