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I've an Internet Explorer Toolbar written in Delphi 7 (using COM) that works fine in IE 8-10 and IE 11 on Windows 7. But in IE11 + Windows 8.1 it's automatically disabled with an error message that it's not compatible. It cannot be re-enabled until the Enhanced Protected Mode is disabled in IE.

Googling I've found this article:


It says that IE 11 Addons on Win 8.1 need to include an "AppContainer compatible flag", but it provides no info how to do it.

What Delphi Code do I need to add to my toolbar, so it contains the AppContainer compatible flag?

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After much research I think it's impossible without a 64bit version, meaning at least Delphi XE4. –  Casady Nov 21 '13 at 4:27

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