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I have a .Net 2.0/3.5 WebApplication.

I want to be able to take money over the internet for my service.

Each of my customers will have an AccountNo.

I wish to offer several products each of which will have fixed price.

I need for my customer to login to my system and elect to pay me money for a product of their choice and for my app to become aware when this is complete so that I may adjust their account to reflect this.

What is the simplest (least complicated coding) way to take their money?

Paypal, NoChex, Google checkout, Something else ?

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I've used 2checkout.com for years and found it to be a good solution. I eventually switched to regnow but only because I wanted to take advantage of their affiliate network.

Here are some options:

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Paypal is fairly straight forward and secure.

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paypalsucks.com –  Kent Boogaart Oct 13 '08 at 13:44
Given how many transactions and users they have, it is not surprising there there are complaints. If you protect yourself and be careful I see no reason to shun paypal. Their IPN/payment notification is much simpler than google or amazon... –  Tim Jan 23 '09 at 22:35

One thing to bear in mind when choosing a provider is whether you need to have a recurring payment model. Are your products charged as a one-off fee, or more along a subscription model? Things like Paypal have limited support for recurring payments.[1]

[1] At least, they did when I investigated it a while ago. May have changed now.

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I've had good experiences with PlugNPay. Their support staff is responsive and API is easy to use.


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google and yahoo both offer decent service, and they don't require your customers to create an account.

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