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Does any one know how I can you pass the same parameters and values of 'fields' and 'id' from the cURL below into a Rails REST API call using Oauth gem?


$ curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -X PUT --data-urlencode 'fields={"color":"purple", "purchased_at":null, "mileage":10000}' "https://api.cloud.appcelerator.com/v1/objects/car/update.json?key=<YOUR APP APP KEY>&id=4ec42de1d9ca72c50700000d"

Rails code (using 'oauth' gem)

# make the consumer out of your secret and key
consumer_key = "OlosyCTFQpI7foZVFnynFCJvW60Tnqbr"
consumer_secret = "5mP2yiOKSHOQkvrFMmgUJS9zd0OtTZIe"
consumer = OAuth::Consumer.new(consumer_key, consumer_secret, :site => "http://api.cloud.appcelerator.com")

# make the access token from your consumer
access_token = OAuth::AccessToken.new consumer

# make a signed request , how can I pass 'field and 'id' parameters and values?????
response = access_token.put("/v1/objects/car/update.json")

Thank you !

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