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I have 2 models:

 has_many :accounts

 belongs_to :department

But I need to somehow create a table that has:


This isn't a many-to-many table though is it? Since a department can have many accounts, but not the other way around.

How should I create a migration that will setup the new table using migrations?

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If I understand correct, you want to create a has_many :through (many-to-many) relationship between Department and Account.

rails g model DepartmentAccount department:references account:references

This will create a model DepartmentAccount with the associations:

belongs_to :department
belongs_to :account

And you have to change your Department model to have

has_many :department_accounts
has_many :accounts, through: :department_accounts

And the Account model needs to have

has_many :department_accounts
has_many :departments, through: :department_accounts
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