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I couldn't find any reference that PostgreSQL db supports PMML using a search engine. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with this. I would like to deploy a Random Forest model that is built in R in PostgreSQL (I'm aware of other work arounds - but want to get an answer for this question before I go down the other route).

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From my own reading, PostgreSQL doesn't directly support PMML, however if you use JPMML it integrates seamlessly with PostgreSQL. Its library is opensource and extensive.

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There is no built-in support. However with the XML support, the extensible stored procedure language handlers, and such it shouldn't be too hard to implement as an add-on (or perhaps an extension).

I don't foresee PMML support coming built into PostgreSQL in the near to moderate future so you would do best to either implement it yourself or go another route.

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